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Rebel Rose ~ Built by Big Dreams, a Full Heart, and a Whole Lot of Faith from the Coast of California.

Rebel Rose is a western fashion boutique focusing on unique yet affordable clothing and accessories. We believe every girl should be able to feel and look their best without spending a fortune. Looks are inspired by country western lifestyle, boho vibes, and Native American heritage. Bring your unique style to life and live without boundaries in Rebel Rose.

About the Owner

Hello darlings, I'm Christine the owner behind this little boutique! I'm so glad you found your way over to Rebel Rose. You have come to the right place if you love any of the following: rustic living, parking lot parties, wide open spaces, western fashion, country music, or anything turquoise. Our love for these things brings us together and we would probably hit it off if we ever met. I was raised simply here in Southern California on Oklahoma roots and Native American culture. My love for western lifestyle and fashion started at a young age. Being from Oklahoma, my grandmother brought many aspects of country living with her to California and never let it fade away. From country music, cowboy boots, turquoise jewelry, and fringe everything, I loved it all. I pretty much lived out of her closet, always borrowing clothes and jewelry to express my unique style. Let's just say I wasn't very popular in high school because of my "strange" style. Over 10 years later, here I am still embracing that lifestyle and fashion that my grandmother bestowed on me. Rebel Rose came alive in hopes to live out my grandmother's love for simple living, family, western fashion, and living without boundaries. 


Rebel Rose Origin & Meaning

I knew I wanted to help my grandma's legacy live on but had no idea what name to do it under. In June 2015 I lost my grandma and a short 6 months later lost my mom to cancer. These two women are what made me who I am today and are my inspiration every step of the way. To my mother her children were her 3 sweet roses. But one was not like the others. Skipping church for brunch, getting a little sideways, making her own rules, and living life without boundaries. Here I stood a product of my mom and grandma, a Rebel Rose. Raised to be humble and kind by Ramona but taught to live outside the lines by Margaret. And that my dears is how Rebel Rose got it's name. I really hope you enjoy the collections as much as I do and that you never stop finding new ways to express yourself. Always be true to who you are and live life without boundaries.

XX Much Love, Christine